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Answer for question 4564.

What was your last dream about? Do you tend to dream in black and white or in color? Was there a particular symbol, person, or object in it that you remember that seemed to have special significance? What do you think its presence in the dream might mean?
I had a dream that my great grandfather passed away (he died twelve years ago). And then I saw him in the dream, which happens sometimes, usually when I need comfort. As always, I was the only one in the dream who saw him. And he gave me the same warm and reassuring look he always does. But then it turned into a sad look, almost a scared look.

If I were to go into super analytical mode, I'd say that maybe he's sad about the week I've had. He's told me before to stop being so serious and play more. But this past week has been filled with bitterness and political thinking. Maybe he's disappointed that I've let myself get drowned in my depressing surroundings?