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Answer for question 4518.

Describe what you think is your best talent. Has that talent proven useful in your life? What's one talent you wish you had but don't currently possess?
What talents do I have? The jury is still out on that one. But if you ask me, it's these:
1. I'm an awesome driver.
2. I'm a language sponge.
(3. Others have pointed out that my singing is a talent, but I'm not sure I agree.)

I might say writing was a talent, if I didn't personally consider it more of a gift. But then again, so are the abilities to drive well and absorb languages. So now I'm confused.

A talent I am working on, however, is being able to do the splits. I try to stretch on most days, but a lot of the time, I'm too lazy.

Is being quick a talent? People have always commented on how fast I complete tasks. I like to think I'm a ninja at work, but in reality I'm too noticeable to be a ninja. I mean, some people have never even seen me, but they hear the whoosh and feel the wind as I sprint by.

Why didn't I think of this before?! One of my biggest talents is the ability to rant about nothing on the internet!

And I just thought of another one that other people have pointed out, but I just don't see:
Apparently I'm good at making interesting color combinations. Throughout my childhood, I've often heard "Oh, that combination is... interesting..." Yeah, I hear it too: that's not a compliment. But then when I went to florist school, we did this thing where we offered constructive criticism and praise. My most common received praise was my choice of colors, "I would never have thought to combine those, but it looks really good!" So yeah. There's that.

Now I'm off to perfect my splits! I should probably change my pants first, cause splitting my pants is NOT a talent.