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Happy List

Ever since I found out that my oldest group of friends all had a get-together without me, I've been in the bitchiest mood. But in a sassy way, and I love it. I've also had Uptown Funk stuck in my head for two days, so yes, I have danced - which is very out of character for me. I'm also excited about going back to work tomorrow. Do I enjoy cleaning? Hell no! But the people are great and they always welcome me back with open arms.

Here's a batch of happy:

- Word Feud (Scrabble for cell phones)
- your dog's impeccable manners at the vet's
- looking at the backyard through the window at night
- the giggling that comes with finding an unflushable coin in the toilet
- imagining that the dog interrupting your workout is his way of saying "you're already perfect the way you are"
- a camera shy spider
- the irony of going inside just before the sun peeks out from behind the clouds
- flat-on-your-back cycling: a great, easy workout
- a summery evening in early September
- making plans for the future with your best friends in the world
- being mature enough to determine when it's the right time to take the childish approach
- a groovy ringtone
- the irony of having "the lazy song" playing while you're scrubbing the toilet
- when boredom turns into productivity
- blowing soap bubbles with your mouth
- the combination of orange and passion fruit
- buttered Marie crackers
- taking your time on the toilet
- choosing books based on cover and/or title
- when temporarily confused, failing to decide if the English alphabet ends with Zee or Zed, simply going with Zzz

That last one is my favorite.